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Social media is a first-person perspective on unfolding events.

Revolutions are tweeted, and live video feeds provide a myriad perspectives that outpace the traditional news cycle.


But when lives are at stake, and minutes count, information requires vetting, validation and verification.  Police officers, first responders, and others dependent on real-time information require confidence that their actions are based on the best possible source.


Intelligence is more than just information.


Transforming information into intelligence demands professional skill. The challenges are uncompromising. There is no easy button. Ethical and legal principles loom large.


SecDev training  for government builds a foundation for incorporating open source and social media data into all-source intelligence analysis. This program is a must for intelligence professionals seeking a solid understanding of how to use open source and social media in their work.


Topics and themes covered during the one-day training include:

The challenge and opportunity of social media

When and how social media can help investigations

Effective search and discovery strategies

Practicum and tradecraft for investigations

Ethical and legal principles consistent with privacy and terms of service.

Our one-day course focuses on tradecraft, methods and toolsets  that cover the fundamentals of ethical collection and analysis:


Understanding Social Media Intelligence

Turning social media information into social media intelligence is a precise and demanding skill. This session covers the challenges, opportunities, ethics, and legalities of social media intelligence.

Know Your Social Media

Social media comes in many different varieties.  Knowing the structural differences between platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is making sense of user generated content.  In this session we examine the structural differences between the major social media platforms and how this affects your investigative and analytical process.

Getting  to  a  Critical  Information  Requirement

Intelligence is about answering questions accurately, and with the appropriate caveats.   Knowing what to ask and how is critical to framing an appropriate investigative and analytical strategy. Cyberspace is a domain described by data. Knowing how to search using Boolean expressions and other techniques is an important process of reducing the problem set to a manageable size and getting to an answer.  This session focuses on how to frame appropriate critical information requirements for social media investigations.

Introduction to Tools & Tradecraft

Toolsets and tradecraft are important to solving analytical problems. This session will explore three categories of tools important to addressing three key aspects of social media intelligence:  validating your sources, establishing time and geographic characteristics,  and  building profiles based on themes and relationships.

There’s no substitute for practice. During this session students will participate in a simulation exercise where they will be challenged to apply the new skills in a real-time scenario, working as a team.

Hands-on Practicum




This course is designed to take analysts with little familiarity with open source and social media to a functional level of proficiency.


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